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About EZDisclose and Fiduciary Communications Company

EZDisclose TM

Created in 1995, the EZDisclose (a/k/a DisclosureLink) system has been at the forefront of
15c2-12 dissemination. Having helped our clients disseminate over 100,000 disclosures in that time, we are considered the far and away leader in our field.

Introduced in the Spring of 2002, the web interface into the EZDisclose system has taken disclosure and information dissemination to a new level. This web based system facilitates the flow of information and work-product between our clients and staff. This system goes even further, in that each transaction is stored in our historical archive, going back to 1995, and made available for research.

Cutting edge technology from the firm that was there first.

Fiduciary Communications Company

Started in 1987, Fiduciary Communications Company is the nation's leading provider of financial advertising and 15c2-12 dissemination agent services. We specialize in issuer and other legal communications, both in print and electronic form. With over 15 years of experience, and an average staff tenure of 7 - 10 years, we are experts in our field. Our staff understands our clients unique needs and situations.

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